Rush Limbaugh has a crush on me

It’s been an exciting week. The New York Times ran a long article on alternative families, and my own partnered family was featured in a spot on ABC News with Diane Sawyer. All this got Rush Limbaugh’s attention and he devoted a whole show to his response.

As Rush sees it, the New York Times has an agenda to destroy the American family. I

Rush and Rachel sitting in a tree...

Rush and Rachel sitting in a tree…

have that same agenda, according to Rush. Together, the Times and I comprise what Rush calls “the Left,” so he titled his show “The Left’s Unbridled Assault on the Traditional American Family Continues. 
Rush mentioned my name more than a dozen times, and he read entire paragraphs from my website. He even called me “this Rachel Hope babe.” I know he wants my phone number.

But I’m not offended. The man has a job to do and it’s not an easy one. Despite his crush on me, he needs to depict me as a wicked witch who — in league with the New York Times — is using my magic to destroy families. But if I were powerful to do such a thing, I would wave my magic wand to give every child a loving and sustainable family, whether it’s “traditional American,” partnered parenting, or anywhere in between.

Rush may truly believe (though I doubt it) that I’m some sort of anarchistic home-wrecker. What I’m really working toward, however, is freedom for all of us to raise children responsibly, sustainably, and in sync with who we really are. That’s my agenda. What’s not my agenda is a one-size-fits-all mentality that I think is fitting fewer people all the time.

Also yesterday, James Beattie of approvingly quoted Rush Limbaugh’s show. But Beattie only mentioned me by name three times and only spelled out my website five times. He does say I’m 22 years old (not 42) but he doesn’t call me “babe.” So I’m going to the prom with you, Rush, you great big hunk of man.



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