Partnered Parenting university research: you can help!


 Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by two very bright doctoral students from UCLA and USC.  They’re researching the growing community of people seeking and creating parenting partnerships.

 This research can shed new light on the dynamics of Partnered Parenting. It can also help to validate Partnered Parenting as a highly positive family lifestyle. These two researchers would very much appreciate hearing about your experiences and insights. Participation is anonymous, and when the findings are published you’ll gain valuable new information about who we are as a community.

 Here’s some information about the researchers:


April Havav
April is a beautiful and wise beyond her years.  I felt like I was talking with a woman who understands the complexities of family building with the intellect of a scholar, and with the kindness of a truly gentle person.  

 April Hovav PhD Student Department of Sociology University of Southern California

April Hovav PhD Student Department of Sociology University of Southern California



April is a PhD student in Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. She earned a BA in Women’s Studies from Barnard College and an MA in Gender Studies from Central European University. Her last project centered on the kinship strategies of gay parents in Israel and was published in an edited volume entitled Studies in Biopolitics.

 Describing her project, April wrote: I’m researching both the search for co-parenting partners as well as the experience of co-parenting. The purpose of the study is to understand co-parenting partnerships including the types of family configurations that exist, the decision -making process of entering a co-parenting relationship, the selection of co-parenting partners, the advantages of co-parenting, as well as the obstacles that those in co-parenting partnerships face. Participation in this study is completely confidential. When the results of the research are published or discussed in conferences, no identifiable information will be used. Anyone interested in participating in this research can email me at”

  April has a website for her research “where people can get information and sign up to participate.’ The website address is

John Sullivan
John is a bit like the male version of April with looks, intelligence and charm.  He also is very patient and child savvy. He interviewed me while my four year old drew illustrations and did interpretive dance to describe our unique family.


John Sullivan, PhD student of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles

John Sullivan, PhD student of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles



John is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Within sociology his studies focus on social or family demography. He earned a BA in Sociology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He is currently involved in research exploring residential mobility and segregation in the United States and is also interested in issues related to household composition, family decision-making and fertility behavior.

 Here is John’s description of his project at UCLA:


“I am interested in learning about co-parenting as an alternative to other forms of child bearing and rearing, estimating the number of co-parented families in the United States and determining patterns in the demographic characteristics of individuals who become involved in co-parenting.  I am not yet running a formal study, but hoping to increase my exposure to and understanding of co-parenting. Anyone interested in contacting me can do so at”


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