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You Magazine from the U.K. Does an Article on Partnered Parenting
rachel&kidsmaui2013.5This talented journalist, Emma Elms, called me “the poster girl for co-parenting!” She also made me fall down laughing when I read her description of parenting partners as not “looking for a relationship, but want a child with someone who’ll take their parenting role seriously. Instead of strings attached, there’s an umbilical cord.”

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This article deserves better comments. Their poorly stated assumptions leave little room for productive discussion of the pros and cons of this parenting style. I hope Emma’s next article examines how parenting partners are often very self-less in their decision to parent with a platonic partner. I for one, require more from my parenting partner than being romantically attractive and wanting to be a couple. Common core values, verified readiness for parenting in every way and legal agreements are all very strong building material for a lasting family.

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