“Family By Choice” is published!!

So much is happening! Articles, interviews, live presentations…..and most exciting of all, publication of my new book, Family by Choice: Platonic Partnered Parenting.

More on my book shortly. But first I want to make a very important point.


I have no illusions that all this media attention is about “me” personally. There’s interest in me because there’s great interest in all the new possibilities for conceiving and raising children beyond the traditional paradigm. With twenty-four years of experience in partnered parenting and everything I’ve been able to learn about alternative families, I’m definitely an excellent resource of practical information. Thousands of would-be parents need that information, and I’m glad that I so many opportunities to share it. That’s what makes me happy about all the coverage I’ve been getting.


But TV interviews and magazine articles are always limited by time and space. That’s why I’ve been so motivated to finish my book, and why I’m so glad it’s now available. For me, publishing Family by Choice was very much like delivering a baby that I incubated for half my life. For twenty-four-years I’ve enjoyed raising children in thriving partnerships as an alternative to conventional marriage.

Because of the success of our unique modern family, countless people have asked me why, how, and with whom they should create a partnered family. In this book I’m finally able to paint a complete picture of how to create a Family by Choice.


Exactly how that family will look of course encompasses a wide variety of possibilities. There are also many different reasons why people choose to make those arrangements:


>To relieve the pressure of finding the “perfect” life partner.

>To avoid the ticking clock of needing to be married while still fertile.

>To freely search for an ideal marriage partner while moving forward with a family plan.

>To sustain a romantic interest with someone who can’t have children or doesn’t want a family.

>To continue a career without sacrificing the dream of having a family.


> To create a family that is compatible with many alternative lifestyles.

> To build a secure, loving home that fulfills material, emotional, and spiritual needs of parents and children alike.

As the book’s back cover explains, “While Partnered Parenting is an emotional experience, Family by Choice focuses on practical issues: Is partnered parenting right for you? What’s the best way to screen potential partners on the Internet? What’s a co-parenting courtship like? Will a partnered parenting contact be fair, effective, and legal?”


You can order the book on Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle here:


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