About Rachel Hope

Rachel Hope has a 23-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter, both from thriving parenting partnerships. While she seeks a third parenting partner for herself, Rachel’s overall mission is to include more and more parenting partners and their children in a growing family tribe and world community. As large numbers of people begin to realize their dream of kids in loving and sustainable families, partnered parenting will be recognized and celebrated among people of every gender, lifestyle, creed and race.

Rachel Hope’s debut book Family by Choice: Platonic Partnered Parenting is the first of its kind, comprehensive guide to Partnered Parenting, also known as elective co-parenting. Drawing on her own experience as well as her work coaching hundreds of would-be parents, she clearly explains the wide variety of new possibilities.

Of her current work toward making this happen, Rachel says, “I’m focusing on the practical issues that people need to address.  A great joy for me is teaching others how to screen people on the Internet, how to arrange meetings with the best candidates, and how to negotiate an effective Partnered Parenting contract that will be in everyone’s best interests.”

Rachel lives in Los Angeles. She can be reached at 818-724-4673 or via email at Rachel@PartneredParenting.com.

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